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Best baguette in paris

Here’s a heartwarming video about a local parisian baker and his baguettes.Pascal barillon recently won the honor of best baguette in paris.This means he will be supplying baguettes to french president nicolas sarkozy and his family.It a huge honor.

French baguettes are amazing.I can’t explain it(I know it’s just bread), but they’re so good.Crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.Delicious.And the real thing in paris.They say it’s something about the water and the traditional local ingredients.I studied in paris in college, and lived above a bakery, and every day True Religion Outlet UK i’d get a half a baguette and eat it with cheese.To this day, it remains my favorite snack of all time.And i’ve had a lot of snacks.

I’m actually pretty sure i’ve blogged about baguettes before.I like to write about food.Partly that’s because i’m usually hungry when i write the blog.But it’s also because food is such an integral part of a country’s culture.The french baguette is not only the most delicious snack in the world, it’s also a symbol of france.When i travel, one of my favorite activities is eating.Trying the local cuisine, tasting weird regional specialties i’ve never had before-It’s a very sensory way of experiencing the culture.

As for the baguette competition in paris, there were hundreds of entries hoping to win the honor of best baguette.But only pascal came out on top.I’m happy for him.He obviously makes a good baguette, and he seems like a nice guy.

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